1-Person Tent ONLY

1-Person Tent ONLY


1 Roomy 1-Person Tent (Sleeps 1 person comfortably)


**Price noted is the total price for a 3-day festival.**

Event: Asteria Arts & Music Festival

    Roomy 1-Person Tent: Easy set-up 2-pole design that sleeps 1 person comfortably and folds small for easy carry.


    Things happen. We completely understand if you (or even someone else) accidentally damage something you've rented from us. That's why we've got an honesty policy - if you tell us before (via email, or personally at our booth) or during your return (at our booth during drop off), we'll only charge you half of the damage fee. If we end up finding the damage on our own, we'll have to charge the full damage fee.

    The damage fee is the full price of the item you've rented. The damage fee is separate and in addition to what you've already paid to rent the item or package.

    Please keep yourself up-to-date with the weather forecast throughout the festival so that you can pull shade tents down, reinforce camping tents, and store charis and coolers safely to avoid damage. We will be texting everyone with the phone numbers provided should there be any severe weather warnings, however, you are responsible for ensuring rented item safety as much as is possible. At the end of the day, we're understanding human beings. If damage could not be avoided because of a random, unforeseen storm, we'll work it out with you.

    You will be asked to sign a Damage Authorization Agreement upon picking up your rental. This form authorizes Campstock to charge the credit card provided should any damages be incurred during your rental period. 

    Don't worry - the damage charge won't come out of nowhere! If we find something damaged that we were not told about, we will send you an email letting you know that we've found damage and that we will be charging the card you'd provided for the full damage fee.

    If you don't end up returning something you've rented from us for whatever reason - the card you provided will be charged $100 PER ITEM RENTED. We know this sounds super steep, but we do this to ensure that our stuff comes back so that we stick to our green initiative. We hope to never have to do it, so lets work together to use and reuse!



    Your rentals will be with us at our booth, inside the campground. Some festivals allow for us to park your packages closer to the entrance for your convenience. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @campstock3 for exact locations (when available) close to the date of the festival.


    Your rentals are to be dropped off at our booth, inside the campground. Some festivals allow for us to pick up rentals closer to the entrance. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @campstock3 for exact locations (when available) during the festival, and especially on the last day. 


    Drop off times are during regular store hours while our booth is open and operational during the festival and on the last day during a small window. Check our booth for posted hours. Do not drop off rentals when the booth/store is closed. Rentals left outside the closed booth/store are susceptible to damage and you will be responsible for the damage fee.